History of the Building

  • 1617

    Gergely Nagyfalvy

    The City of Győr's 1617 building directory lists the real estate matching the building's site as the property of Gergely Nagyfalvi major canon (later bishop of Vac). The Transylvanian-born cleric carried out his studies in Olomouc and in Rome. According to Vince Bedy, author of The History of the Győr Cathedral Chapter (1938) Nagyfalvi was well-versed in jurisprudence. The canon is also mentioned on multiple occassions in the Győr monograph (1896) by Gyula Szavay and several other sources. After his death in 1643 the major canon was buried in the crypt under the main nave of the cathedral in Győr.

  • 1893

    Gyula Mayr

    Based on archival data, consruction of the present building was started in 1893. (The ongoing reconstruction works revealed a 1905 date indiated on the frontage). Up until his death in 1927, the workshop of the famous watchmaker Gyula Mayr occupied the building. His life and the history of his gold medal winning world-clock presented on the Turin World Fair in 1911 is well documented by the article of Szilvia Antaliné Hujter on the pages of local periodical Győri Szalon. In addition to the World Clock (now being on exhibit in the collection of the Hungarian Technical and Transportation Museum) a detailed drawing of the front side of the building also survived as printed in the Housing Directory for the Free Royal City and County of Győr in 1904.

  • 1965


    The Archives of Győr preserved one technical drawing of the "Mayr era" related to the building listed as 2. Kazinczy Street. By this drawing the widow of Gyula Mayr requests permit for the internal division of ground floor retail space into multiple parts, commissioning József Szalay master mason for the execution of the works. The earliest detailed design documentation available is from redecoration of the building in 1965 by the Property Management Company of Győr, which apart from minor differences in the tower geometry shows the building in its present form. Surviving photos show a hairdresser's (István Ács), tailoring (Lajos Dömötör) and hat shop (Sándor Perczel) prior to this renovation.

  • 2015


    The building witnessed the period of transition hosting the emblematic poultry shop of the Bábolnai Farm Combine (later Bábolna Rt.) prospering due to the professional program of Róbert Burgert. This shop, still remembered by the adult population of the city for its high quality products was the final tenant of the building before becoming vacant. In the past years the facade of the empty building dteriorated, necessitating a complete renovation program. To execute this task a project company named Echona was founded.

The Echona Building Today

The Echona Building, which has been completely renovated in the year 2015, resides in the historical city centre of Győr, about 50 metres from the Baross Gabor Street representing the axis of the pedestrian zone. Due to its favorable location relative to public transport as well as key public squares the retail space available on the ground floor of the building offers a direct contact to significant pedestrian flow. The completely delimited upper floor offers peaceful and quiet residential space with individual entrance from street level.

The renewed facade, matching the historic environment, faces a public area especially cared for by the city's management due to its tourism significance. Directly adjacent to the building is one of Hungary's most beautiful Baroque squares, the Bécsi Kapu (Vienna Gate) Square. The building is next door to a restaurant suitable for business meetings, a family-friendly pastry / ice cream shop and various small commercial service providers. The dominant building of the opposite street side is the Carmelite Church and Monastery, one of the city's most important historic churches, which serves as an easy reference point for visitors.

While the building itself is located in the downtown pedestrian area, parking lots are available on the banks of the River Rába no more than 30 metres away. Toll-free parking is also possible on the riverside in a P + R parking lot within 5-6 minute walking distance.

Facade of the Echona building as viewed from Bécsi kapu Square

Rental Deals - Commercial Space for Rent

We are at the final steps of fine-tuning the building. Commercial space on the ground floor is soon ready for tenants!

  • Days

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  • Seconds

Two commercial units with flexible configuration options are available for tenants on the ground floor of the building facing the pedestrian zone. The units might be occupied separately but are also available as a joint, unified space upon request. Each unit offers great visibility from the street and large show-window surfaces. Parallel to the renovation of the building the surrounding public streets are renewed in high quality. Conforming to the 2016 Investment Plan of the city of Győr the works on Bécsi Kapu Square are already ongoing. Each street surrounding the Echona building will be upgraded with aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and timeless raw-cut stone cover.

  • COMMERCIAL UNIT I. (55 m2), with entrance under the corner balcony, facing Bécsi Kapu Square
  • COMMERCIAL UNIT II. (60 m2), with entrance facing Aradi vértanúk Street

A separate service room with toilet is available for each commercial unit. Rental is available following state of the art engineering and electric reconstruction, complete replastering and painting of walls. Flooring is covered by heavy-duty resin.



ECHONA Ltd. is a project company of Hungarian origin with founders having accumulated experience in multiple investment projects during the past two decades. A key element of the founders' philosophy is that economic benefit has to be accompanied with harmony in relation to environment and history. This is reflected in each minor detail of the building being reconstructed to 21st century standards, integrating and re-discovering the origin and history of the property. The word echona [eˈtʃo.na] means sickle in the Spanish language and is a reference to the backstreet of the building, which is called Sarló köz (Sickle passageway in Hungarian) due to its unique geometry.

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View westwards (Aradi vértanúk St.)
View westwards (Aradi vértanúk St.)
View to the North (Kazinczy St.)
View to the North (Kazinczy St.)

The Bécsi kapu Square is one of the most significant squares in the historical city centre of Győr. At the same time it is one of the most beautiful Baroque squares in Hungary. This is the western gate of the old city, facing the Rába dual bridge and thus serving the Sziget and Újváros districts situated between Rába and Rábca rivers. The irregular shaped square (indeed one of the oldest in Győr) is open from the western side of Rába river since the mid 19th century. Previously this was the location of the renaissance style Vienna Gate through which visitors crossing the bridge from the west arrived to the city... [more]

Bécsi kapu tér (Győr)

The watchmaker genius whose "World Clock of a technical marvel" was admired by an international audience of the Turin World Fair in 1911 lived and worked in Győr. Gyula Mayr was born in 1847 to the parents Benedek János Mayr and Teréz Pracsinger in Győr. After attending primary and secondary education within the city he became a disciple of Ferenc hajnal watchmaker in 1862. He worked as an apprentice in Győr, Komárom, Sümeg and also Budapest. In 1875 he became a watchmakers assistant in Baden...[tovább]

Várostörténeti puzzle – 32. rész

Writing of Szilvia Antaliné Hujter in the periodical Győri Szalon